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Our Rooms

At Marlow Day Nursery we have 3 age related rooms.

Little Stars is our baby room from 3 months to approximately 20 months.

Big Stars is our toddler room for children aged 20 months to 3 years.

Moons – Pre School is for children aged 3 to 5 years

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Little Stars – Baby Room

We care for babies from 3 months to approximately 20 months.

Marlow Day NurseryObserving and planning for the babies based on their interests and age and stage of development ensures consistent progress is made. Children are given lots of choice and opportunities and we feel from experience that this is how children learn most effectively.

Comfort and routine are the most important aspects of the babies initial time with us. We aim to meet all children’s needs and ensure that they are confident in their daily routine and that parents feel secure and happy to leave their precious babies in our care.


Marlow Day Nursery“The reason I love my job is because it is rewarding being responsible for the babies making progress in so many areas. For example they may take their first steps with me, they may say their first words with me, show delight in new experiences…. Physical contact is so important for our babies, lots of cuddles and being able to form a bond with us while their parents are at work. I feel that my relationship with parents is important to them in being able to confidently leave their baby in my care and approach me should they need reassurance or advice or sometimes a shoulder to cry on! My partnership with the whole family is crucial in building trust between us and forming a good working relationship.”

Big Stars – Toddler Room

We care for children from 20 months to 3 years. The age range is flexible however, to ensure each child’s individual needs are met before they progress onto the next room and stage of their development.

Marlow Day NurseryAs for the whole nursery we practice a key carer system, which is an proven way of building relationships with each child and their family.

We provide well planned out activities following close observations of each child which are adult led and child initiated. There is also plenty of opportunity for spontaneous play and this is always encouraged.

The Big Stars believe in encouraging independent learning and provide opportunities for the children to progress in these areas.


Marlow Day Nursery“We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating platform for the Big Star’s children to develop and thrive. I believe the children are key to their own development and our role as carers is to listen, observe and nurture them in order for them to reach their individual goals. Alongside this we have lots of cuddles and smiles and try to provide a home from home environment where the children are loved and cared for.”

Moons – Pre school

Our children’s ages range from three to five years and we operate from two large rooms with independent access to our enclosed garden area.

We aim to provide a wide learning experience both indoors and outdoors with the children having the flexibility to choose from a large selection of carefully selected resources and the opportunity for extended periods of concentrated play.

Marlow Day NurseryTo help develop fine motor skills we carry out a daily activity called Funky Fingers.

As for the whole nursery we operate a key carer system which means that from day one your child will have a special person allocated to them with whom you as a whole family will develop a close working relationship. Our key carers know their children very well which stems from spending lots of time with them in a variety of situations.


“in the Moons room we aim to provide a stimulating and rich learning environment in which children can thoroughly enjoy themselves, develop vital skills and extend their learning. With regard to the EYFS the children have access to all seven areas of learning in our spacious rooms and outside space. The Moons involve themselves in a variety of experiences and activities all of which are planned with each child’s individual needs and learning styles in mind. The Moons preschool unit is where we enable the children to develop and fulfil their potential in readiness for school. No two days are ever the same!”